‘Sohaztur” pension is situated in a beautiful place, surrounded by woods, mountains and of course the Salt mine is in the neighborhood. (There is just 300m distance from the mine’s entrance.)

The bath-and breathing therapy means the inhalation of the mine’s salty air, that is very beneficial in cases of respiratory organ sicknesses (asthma, bronchitis, allergy…) The treatment level is 120m deep underground in the mine and it is supplied with playground, seats, chairs and bar, all these to make the daily four-hour compulsory stay during ten days more comfortable. It is advisable to consult a doctor before starting the treatment.  This is also available for anybody here in the dispensary in Praid.

            Close to the Salt mine there is a salted water-bath. Salty water and iodine have good effects on your health. It has calming, physic and psychic relaxing, sterilizing (skin and nose) and anti-inflammatory effects.

           For those tourists who want to visit us we can offer:

three wooden houses with three beds

one wooden houses with twin bed

These four houses have a shared bathroom and dining room.

In the central house there are three rooms available (one of them with three beds and two with twin beds.) everyone with bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen and a dinning room in the basement.

The Sohaztur pension is equipped with:         - cable TV

various possibilities of entertainment and recreation and sport for adults and children as well

table tennis



For those interested in nature or touring, we can organize mountain tours, where they can enjoy the breath-taking scenery of mountains, valleys, springs, salt hills etc. or can have the possibility to take part in a fishing competition.

           Our pension does not offer meal possibilities, but you can try the restaurants in the neighborhood, that offer traditional Sekler dishes too.